Geek Mothers – Mother’s day gifts Ideas

Mother’s day gifts are easy right? Flowers, Chocolate?

But what if your mother is different?

What kind of present to give to your Geek Mom?

Here’s a list of ideas:

If the Chewbacca mom can have one, why no not yours?

She may even have worn one before, but I am sure she will love to dress up as her favorite princess again


If she keeps saying Dracarys everytime she enters a room, she may be suggesting she wants this box.

For when she want’s to feel like Daenerys

If her love is for our patriotic Captain (or maybe Chris Evans) then this bag is the perfect gift

She may like more Captain America merchandise as well

Gryffindor , Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw or Slytherin?









And finally if you want to be more obvious and give her something with mom written on it.

More WonderWoman options